Witness with one’s life Christ Our Hope, but how?

12 Feb, 2023

Here are some reflections on the matter by Germana Sommaruga.

“…You will be my witnesses (Acts 1.8): these are words of Jesus when he is about to leave the earth. Witnesses of him: we should make him present in our personal lives (presence and testimony are precisely the synthesis of our vocation as Christians). We are now responsible for the kingdom now that He has left the earth.
We are committed to this through the valorization of all our talents…But how can we bear witness? Perhaps it seems easier to be a presence, rather than a credible witness. It is instinctive to move away from the path we have undertaken, to forget that we are called to a Christian life, to be hesitant in our response… Perhaps there are some conditions to this testimony of the risen Christ, the hope of men which consist of:

– live rooted in communion with God and be faithful to Him

– live faithfulness to the Gospel which is not a doctrine, but a living person: Christ. And we want to grasp a particular aspect of the Gospel: that of Christ, the hope of men, incarnated in the world in which we too are incarnated, in the midst of temporal realities, in attention to those who suffer and to anyone who is in conditions of trial and in need of comfort. and trust….”

Taken from “Il sentiero della speranza” by Germana Sommaruga – Ed. Salcom 1981

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